The smaller series entitled Picasso’s Bastards depict close ups of human-like faces set within detailed sections of landscapes. The features of the faces are made of bits of trash and natural detritus collected on my daily walks through Los Angeles. Rendered in a lush, near Old Masters technique, they manipulate tensions between the humorous or silly and the apocalyptic, the strangely beautiful and the grotesque. The historical roots reach back to Dutch still life vanitas , Surrealism, and Picasso’s Cubistic heads while they maintain an affinity with the dark humor of contemporary artists like Jim Shaw. Suggesting the human face is making its imprint everywhere in the ongoing environmental degradation, the paintings are far more complex in their formal investigations and multi-leveled content however. Hyper thick abstract passages co-exist with intricate representationalism instigating a playfulness between established genres. Similarily, the cast-off junk with its jewel tone colors, allusions to Modernist abstraction and attractive functional designs, alternates between the highest human achievements to its lowest as a throwaway culture.