Nature Morte

The Nature Morte paintings consisting of Archimboldo-esque human figures inspired by decaying natural materials were exhibited widely from 2009 to 2011. Twisted branches, rotting stumps and logs, curling dried leaves and desiccated flora collected from my daily walks through Los Angeles’ streets and canyons were painted from direct observation in a technique reminiscent of botanical illustration or trompe d’oeil. Some are painted on grainy plywood as “backdrops” for decomposing woodland scenes or Renaissance like saints, and like all Mallinson’s work, provoke meditation on the human relationship to the natural world. Suggesting a mutual vulnerability and destruction in an era of environmental instability, the paintings also seem to represent a ruination of the previous pristine, scenery of her panoramic paintings or the progressive productions of Modernism itself. In some, fragments of human-made objects are intermingled with the flora and fauna to form eccentric, post- apocalyptic constructions, both an incrimination of the wasteful consumer culture and a monument to its ongoing ingenuity.