The epic panoramic landscapes painted from 2001 to 2009 began as an investigation into the relationship between photographic and painted representations of landscape. Literally thousands of appropriated landscape images were “collaged” via painting to form dense imaginary landscapes incorporating multiple perspectives-from the microcosmic to the macro– and conflicting narratives. Superseding the traditional single view of the landscape, they engage ideas of received information and its overriding influence on our perceptions of the natural as well as question historicist ideologies such as the Edenic, the pastoral, and the gendered gaze. Underlying the seductive touristic or advertising images rendered in an Old Masters technique, was a desire to subvert comforting ideas of nature to push for a newer paradigm that reflected globalism and the threatening of the world’s ecosystems by population, industry, and pollution. Spanning geography, time zones, and seasons, these paintings are tours de force in their scale and execution and have been appreciated for their ability to seduce and deliver a critique simultaneously and to posit a continuing relevance for painting in an era of ubiquitous mass media.